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Cats Are Like Potato Chips

by Rita Reimers on February 11, 2017

Cats Are Like Potato Chips

by Linda Hall and Rita Reimers

Introducing our Director of Client Services, Linda Hall!

linda says cats are like potato chipsIf you’ve called or emailed our office recently, you may have been greeted by a new voice: our wonderful Linda Hall! Linda is a long time friend of mine, and a long time employee of our friend, Richard Simmons. As soon as I heard she was available, I couldn’t wait to add her to our Client Services team as our Director. Linda will also be working on the other side of our company, as Membership Services Director on’s “New Cattitude Club,” which is coming soon!

Get to know Linda better by reading in her own words about her love for kitties, and about how her cats joined her household!

cats are like potato chipsCats Are Like Potato Chips

I say that a lot! It happens when someone asks about pets. I say I have a dog and “kitties”. Usually the other person will then ask, “How many kitties do you have?” Ugh. “I have six kitties.” This is followed by the odd look or a comment about the crazy cat lady or something along those lines and most of the time I am asked, “How?” How did I end up with six? How can I handle six? How? My answer, kitties are like potato chips. You have one and then you need another and another and ….

Just seven years ago we had no pets, except for an aquarium of fish. Then my daughter wanted to volunteer at a feline rescue center, and I had to go with her. Subra hooked us with her kitty magic spell and after discussing with my husband, she came home with us. One cat my husband said, and I agreed. Just one cat.

The lady at the rescue center had mentioned kitties doing better in pairs and I kept thinking about that. I discussed it with my husband. We didn’t think it was fair for her to be the only pet in the house. She needed a friend, so we went back to get Bakka. They knew each other from the rescue center, were close in age and we loved them both. It was only natural. My husband looked me in the eyes and said, “But that’s it! Two cats! I agreed. Just two cats.

A few months later our local florist had a fall fair. It was one of those small town, quirky little things with a pony to pet and pumpkins to paint. We live about two blocks from there so we walked down with the kids to have some silly fun. The owner of the rescue center was there selling crafts to raise funds and we bought a thing or two and filled her in on how the kitties were doing. She began to share a story with us about a kitty named Latte. Latte was born at the rescue and had lived with a family for several years but they had to return her. She asked us to adopt her because she had been a family kitty for so long and was so sad, back at the center. My heart was breaking. You could hear it for miles, I am sure. I looked up at my husband, silently pleading. The look on his face told me he gave up. We went back home with our pumpkins, grabbed the cat carrier and drove to the rescue. I’m sure you can guess what he said next! “That’s it, Linda! Three cats! Just three!!!” I agreed. I really did. I meant it! But of course …

Well, Subra and Bakka were such good friends that we got it in our heads that Latte needed a friend, and that’s how Warren came home with us. I honestly don’t really remember how or why Gallway came home, but he was the tiniest little orange kitten I ever saw! My son only had one request for his ninth birthday and that was the black and white kitty that reminded us of a cow, Drake. That brought us up to six. Sadly, we only had Drake a year and a half before we lost him in a tragic accident. After swearing to never adopt again, it was seven months later we adopted Marli because a dear friend couldn’t keep him anymore.

Yes, they are like potato chips. You can’t have just one. Why should I? My kitties aren’t demanding and really don’t take up a lot of time. You don’t have to take them outside to potty or on walks. Feed them, love them, scoop their boxes and play with them and they will return my love a million times over with plenty of purrs, cuddles and cheek rubs for many years to come!

Oh, if you are wondering, we stopped saying “That’s it! Just …” after number four I think. Also, the fish aquarium is not in the house anymore. Subra was just a little too curious about those beautiful colored swimmers!


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Peggy Hall February 12, 2017 at 1:38 am

Love your story. I like cats, but my husband had a bad experience with a cat. So no cats at this house. I will look forward to sharing your stories.


Linda Hall February 12, 2017 at 3:13 am

I understand! My husband was anti-kitty. The only reason he gave in to “just one” was because he got tired of listening to his wife and daughters talk about kitties. He had ideas about scratched furniture and spraying, none of which happened. Today if you sneak in you can usually find him with a kitty curled up in his lap! But don’t tell him I told you. 😻


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