Meet Our Carolina Cat Sitters

It takes a group of very special and dedicated Carolina Cat Sitters to make our Just For Cats Pet Sitting Carolina team successful, and to give your kitty all the TLC she needs and deserves!

Meet a Few of the Key Members of Your
Just For Cats Pet Sitting Carolina Cat Sitting Team


Rita Reimers with her cat, 17-year-old Punkin

Just For Cats and Rita Reimers Inc Founding President and Owner

Rita has always been drawn to animals, cats in particular. And they have always been drawn to her. She possesses a unique ability to communicate with and understand the tender nature of cats. Rita has been a cat communicator since she was a child, and she now shares her home with cats of all ages and temperaments.

“I never met a cat I couldn’t help,” says Rita. “I understand cats and their subtle ways of letting us know what they want, and it’s become my mission to help cat owners understand and communicate better with their felines.”

Rita’s “cat magic” comes from her over 30 years of experience as a cat owner and cat rescue worker. Understanding cats and their behaviors is a natural ability for Rita, and she considers it her “calling” in life. Her Feline Behavior Counseling services help people better understand their cat companions and find solutions to issues that might otherwise cause a cat to be surrendered to a rescue or shelter. Rita is also a member of the Animal Behavior Society, and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), as well as the Cat Writers Association.

Rita currently writes a cat behavior help and advice column called “A New Cattitude,” which is featured in every issue of Catster, previously known as Cat Fancy. She also writes regularly for such respected websites as Chewy.comPet MD, and Pet Central.

In addition, Rita is also contributing cat behaviorist for, appearing in Cat Behavior Videos, as well as authoring many articles about cat care. Rita has been interviewed for and quoted in Cat Fancy, as well as in the CATS USA ANNUAL, and KITTENS USA. She has also been a contributor to websites such as Pet360Catster.comVocativMental Floss, and PetSittingOlogy, to name a few. Rita has also been seen on Inside Edition, as their Cat Behaviorist for news stories such as Man Held Captive By Nasty Cat.

A native of Buffalo, New York, Rita lived in the Carolina’s for much of her adult life before spending ten years living in Los Angeles. She enjoyed a successful 22-year career in the computer technology field before dedicating herself full-time to cats and their well being. Rita decided to follow her heart and turn her love for and understanding of cats into a thriving cat sitting and behavior counseling service. She and her staff of dedicated and experienced cat care givers have become quite well known in Los Angeles for their love, patience, and understanding of cat persona, easing the minds of traveling kitty parents.

Rita has now returned to Charlotte, NC as her main place of residence in order to be closer to her family. She has opened a new branch of Just For Cats Pet Sitting there, bring her unique pet sitting vision to the east coast. Rita returns to Los Angeles several times a year to meet with the the LA staff, and catch up with friends.

From 2005 until 2008, Rita was heard live weekly as an on-air personality and Associate Producer of the “Lighten Up with Richard Simmons” show, heard exclusively on Sirius Satellite radio station Stars 102. You can also see her in Richard’s “Party Off the Pounds” workout DVD, and his “Love Yourself and Win” DVD, which she also Associate Produced. You can also see Rita in Richard Simmons’ new video series entitled Project Hope.

Pet love runs deep in Rita’s family. Her mother, Mary Reimers, is founder and president of The Humane Society of Lancaster, South Carolina, where Rita is a board member. Rita’s long-held dream of starting her Senior Cat Sanctuary is finally coming true. As a special project under The Humane Society of Lancaster SCThe Carolina Senior Cat Haven is in the process of being formed. More details to follow as they become available!

Rita is Owner and CEO of Just For Cats Pet Sitting, with locations in Beverly Hills, CA and Charlotte, NC. She also offers Feline Behavior Counseling and writes a Cat Behavior Blog at her website

Allie Davis and Kitty Cat

Lead Cat Care Specialist

Allie Davis is originally from Charlotte, NC. For the last 9 years, she has lived in George, working as a Pet Sitter for Gwinnett Pet Watchers.

We are lucky to snap Allie up as she returns to Charlotte to be close to her family. Allie has has loved animals since she was a little girl. She currently has two rescue cats, Moose and Jazzy Bell. Allie is also a photographer on the side, and of course loves photographing animals.

Nick Nagy with Tater

Cat Care Specialist

Nick is originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. After high school, he moved out west to attend culinary school in San Francisco. Being a chef allowed Nick the freedom to travel, enjoying time spent in Seattle, Denver, Honolulu and Lake Tahoe.

Throughout his journeys, Nick has always had cats in his life. Nick says, “Like myself, cats are an independent, and suited my erratic work schedule. I find it therapeutic being around cats and love their individual personalities.”

When Nick first met his wife Lindsay, her Manx named Tater wanted nothing to do with him. Nick was worried that is Tater didn’t accept him, then Lindsay wouldn’t either. But before long, they both came around.

Tater has become inseparable from Nick, and it wasn’t long before they decided to add to their family, adopting a Maine Coon named Mimi. Mimi quickly bonded with my Lindsay. As Nick puts it, “They spend “girl time” together doing their hair and nails.” Tater and Mimi have become best friends and keep each other entertained.

Nick looks forward to taking care of your kitties, and getting to know their unique PERRsonalities!

Barb Heins with Squeaky and Dimitri

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Barb has had an affinity with cats for as long as she can remember. She grew up with two cats at home, who both claimed her as theirs.

When she and her husband John moved to Maputo, Mozambique as missionaries, they adopted Henrietta, a beautiful tortoise-shell longhair, when her US Embassy owner moved away. Henrietta would follow Barb everywhere as she visited neighbors, and responded vocally whenever Barb talked with her, which made people uncomfortable as cats were considered to be evil in that area. When they moved to Beira in the central part of the country, no such superstitions existed and Henrietta was accepted by the locals as the affectionate and intelligent family member that she was.

Barb passed on her love for cats to twins Derek and Hannah, who brought home a steady stream of kittens abandoned on the streets of Beira. Most of them they cared for and re-homed to other missionary families, but one of them, an orange kitten named Nala, remained part of the family. She came to them with seizures, having been badly abused, but the family’s love and prayers restored her completely. People were always amazed that Barb could approach a spitting, wild kitten and within a few minutes, calm it in her arms.

John and Barb have been living in Waxhaw for the past eleven years, and are currently living with six rescue cats – Dimitri, Amber, Chester, Ross, Squeaky and Cleo – as well as a rescue black lab named Finn. Their house is in a secluded wooded area, and when Barb walks Finn, she is usually accompanied by one or more cats tagging along.

Barb is excited about her position with Just For Cats, and looks forward to meeting and bonding with your furry family members!

Denice Demirkol with Kizmet

Cat Care Specialist

A native New Yorker, Denice relocated to Charlotte 10 years ago. She has always been a huge cat lover, having grown up with cats all her life. Her passion for animals influenced her decision to go vegetarian 25 years ago.

She currently has 3 feline fur babies that each have their own unique personalities: Kameron is the eldest, whom she and her husband adopted from the ASPCA while living in Brooklyn; Martini they decided to adopt from the Charlotte Humane Society; and the baby Kizmet who was “inherited” as a rescue.

Besides cats, Denice’s other passion in life is fitness. She is also a personal trainer and teaches fitness kickboxing.

Denice says “I feel very fortunate to be able to help humans as well as felines! I know how important it is as a “Cat Parent” to feel comfortable when you leave your fur baby in the hands of someone else.”

Aria Rich with Floyd

Cat Care Specialist

Aria is a Colombian import who is attending grad school while accruing a modest selection of cats. Her feline fascination began at the age of three, when a neighbor was given a “matsofiso” (or baby leopard) as a pet. After waiting an unbearable two years, Aria’s father brought home a sleek all black kitten; since then her home hasn’t been without cats.

Aria and her partner are hosts to three furry tyrants (and two human ones!). Each of their cats found a way into the home from the streets via a window or rescue. Despite never intending to host more than one cat, Aria’s home is always open to the next surprise guest of honor. Eldest and grandest of the home trio B.C. Mcfatter, who is aloof, adorable and the undisputed queen who is attended by Aria’s partner; Next is Macklemore Mash, the orange tabby and superhero cuddle-buddy to Aria’s daughter; and the latest addition is Floyd, a temperamental Russian blue mix who enjoy’s Aria’s shoulders most. A smattering of as yet unnamed strays also received daily breakfasts and dinner from the safety of the far backyard.

Comfortable with cats of all ages and tempers. Aria is used to administering ear drops, flea pills, joint supplements, all the regular accoutrements that come with cats who have had rough beginnings. Having spent most of her time with rescues, she is used to building steady relationships with a foundation of trust with new cats. She and her partner spend time each day “cat watching” to ensure her cats are healthy, happy, socialized and most importantly, not into any mischief. Walking around her Waxhaw neighborhood also provides her with opportunity to cat watch, keep an eye on strays, and get to know her feline neighbors.

Aria is excited to work with Just For Cats, and get introduced to more whiskery friends.

Christine Young with Oliver

Cat Care Specialist

Originally from Conway, Arkansas, Christine moved to South Carolina in November 2018 to attend Elevation church in Ballantyne. She has always had cats in her life. Growing up, her family lived in a heavily wooded neighborhood, so many people would dump boxes of kittens in the neighborhood. of course, Christine’s family and we would adopt them.

Christine is a self-described cat fanatic, and always has at least one adopted cat living in her home.

In addition to life with her current kitty, Oliver, and taking care of kitties for Just For Cats, Christine also holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, as well as one in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

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