Meet Our Los Angeles Cat Sitters

It takes a group of very special and dedicated Los Angeles Cat Sitters to make our Just For Cats Pet Sitting LA team successful, and to give your kitty all the TLC she needs and deserves!

Meet a Few of the Key Members of Your
Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles Cat Sitting Team


Linda Jacobus with JoJo

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Linda grew up in Glendale, CA, and moved to Central Oregon in 1990. There she worked as a Dental Receptionist for 21 years, while also volunteering with her local Humane Society. Linda helped to care for all the cats, ensuring they were happy and healthy. She was also part of a fostering program, caring for mommas with their babies. Linda’s husband always says he wants to come back as one of Linda’s cats, because he knows he would be loved and spoiled.

Linda is currently owned by two kitties: Kola, a happy healthy 17 year old, and JoJo, who is the gentle 6 year old orange tabby boy pictured above with Linda.

Excited to be a part of Just For Cats Pet Sitting and Cats 90210, Linda enjoys sharing her special love for cats with all of our wonderful client kitties.

Dehbra Landman with Sidney

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Dehbra has lived in Southern California all of her life. She was raised on a ranch where they had Arabian Horses, cows, chickens, geese, sheep and, of course, dogs and cats.

Animals have always been a joy to Dehbra. Straight out of high school, she would house sit for a wide variety of animals, everything from horses (large and mini), exotic birds and fish, monkeys, dogs, and cats. Along with taking care of animals, Dehbra worked in the nursing field for 15 years.

Dehbra lives with her husband and 2 grown children, a 3-year-old St. Bernard, and a 1-year-old German Shepard mix puppy, 3 box turtles, 1 water turtle and several fish. Rounding out her pet family, she also has two rescue cats, a 17-year-old cat named Buckwheat, and a 12-year-old cat named Sidney.

Let Dehbra ease your mind when you need to travel without your cats. She will take wonderful care of them, so you can relax knowing that they are in loving hands back at home.

Miwa Hurano with Celery and Cabbage

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Miwa is originally from Tokyo, Japan. She came to Los Angeles to study Art and English. She became a graphic designer, and then motion designer. She also lived in England for 9 years. Wherever she was, Miwa always had dogs, cats, or birds.

Miwa’s cat crossed the rainbow bridge last year at the ripe old age of 19.Since losing her kitty, Miwa has been pouring her all love and attention into fostering kittens and cats. She has rescued over 60 kitties this past year. Most of them came to her dirty and sick, many of them scared of humans. Miwa cleans them, gives them medications, lots of playtime and tons of love, until they become healthy and ready to be adopted to a loving *furever* family.

Recently, Miwa fostered a challenging 7-year-old cat with behavioral problem. He was hissing and swatting at everyone. With Miwa’s patience, care and love, he turned into a sweet, cuddly, playful kitty that loves snuggling in bed with her. Since then, everyone calls Miwa a cat whisperer.

Miwa say “I will care for your precious baby (babies) with plenty of playtime, attention and lots of love, as if they are one of my very own, so you will have peace of mind while you are away.”

Judit Morrison with Charlie

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Judit was born in Budapest, Hungary. She has traveled a lot in her early life, also living in Croatia and Serbia before moving to Los Angeles in the early 90’s. Judit is fluent in Hungarian and English. She is conversational in German, Russian, and Serbian languages.

Judit has worked in the banking industry for many years and later became a licensed Respiratory Therapist in Kaiser Permanente, also worked as a caregiver with Visiting Angels. She lives with her husband and now senior boxer, Jake, in West Los Angeles.

A passionate animal lover, Judit has shared her entire life with rescue cats and dogs. Since losing her last kitty, Charlie, in August 2016, she has been actively involved in volunteering with a local rescue at the Culver City PetSmart. With her help, countless kitties found their forever homes. She loves the underdogs, handicapped, abused and overlooked animals. Her goal is that no qualified adopters would leave the adoption center without a kitty or even two, if the circumstances are right.

Judit is looking forward and will be more than happy to serve you and your fur babies with great love and care.

Rachel Travers with Zinnia

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Rachel has had cats in her life since she was 17 – and almost got kicked out of college for adopting a tiny feral orange tabby. But she insisted on getting “pet permission” from the Dean – and hasn’t had to ask anyone since.

In addition to the original Fritz, Rachel then adopted Morgan (a diabetic cat); Mookie the Maine Coon came next, then Nickel and Zinnia is Rachel’s first Tortie and is her constant companion these days. Zinny is loving LA and basking in the sunlight that floods their new home.

Rachel is an LA transplant from the Boston area – for the second time – so the city is not completely new to her. She has a 27-year-old daughter, Nina, who lives four blocks from Rachel’s new home – and who works part-time at Crumbs & Whiskers, the LA cat cafe (she also works in the music business). It is definitely a little family of cat-lovers.

In one of her previous lives, Rachel was a freelance food writer for The Boston Globe and many magazines. She loved the lifestyle and the fabulous food she had – and it also provided her with the flexibility to be a hands-on single mother.

Just For Cats and their petsitting services are perfect for Rachel – and she thinks she will be perfect for her new clients and their furry families.

Ted Naumann with Pushkin

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Ted is a native of Southern California, and has lived in Santa Monica for 30 years. He loves cats and even draws them! In addition to pet-sitting, he is an artist, and was a teacher with LAUSD before retiring. He’s also an avid golfer, reader, and theatre and movie goer.

Ted will care for your cat with attention, love, patience, and fun. He has owned or had cats in his house since he was a teenager. He loves to play with cats with long-handled mouse or feather toys, or whatever your cat likes. He’s affectionate, and yet has the patience to hang in until a reticent or shy cat warms to him. Recently, while visiting his stepbrother Dan and his wife, they were surprised to see Ted giving affection to a cat who usually doesn’t warm up to strangers.

Felines have been his constant companions. One of his more unusual cats was “Freak,” so named because she had 6 toes on her big paws, and she went on to have kittens just like her. “Flo,” so named for Ted’s favorite Italian city, Florence, was a beautiful white calico who had been saved from the streets. Just after Flo reached full size, “Harry,” named after George Harrison, was adopted. With Harry only half-size, Flo started to chase him around the house —“her house.” Harry didn’t hold a grudge against his older bully, but once full-grown, he’d follow her around, batting at her tail. Later, Ted lovingly cared for Harry as he battled diabetes, measuring blood glucose, administering insulin and other medications. Under Ted’s careful and and organized diabetes treatment, Harry lived for 14 years. Caring for Harry was not a task for Ted, but merely strengthened their bond.

It would be Ted’s pleasure to care for your furry feline friend/s.

Colby Kline with Baby

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Colby has been acting, singing, and modeling since the tender age of 3. But her other love is cats!

It was while volunteering at the Lange Foundation that Colby met and adopted her cat, Baby. Baby is a special needs kitty who was in a full body cast to correct her inverted rib cage. As you can see in the photo, Baby is recovered thanks to Colby’s loving care.

In addition to acting, Colby has also done work behind the camera and has written and recorded a film score. She is also obsessed with style and fashion. Colby loves to decorate, shop, organize, dress, and design people’s personal looks. She is also a strict vegetarian.

Colby looks forward to giving your cat the same loving care that she gives to her own.

Amanda Johnson with Casper

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Amanda grew up on a farm in Texas, where she learned to love and care for all kinds of animals. But she was completely obsessed with cats from the very beginning. When she moved Louisville, KY as an adult, she adopted her now 15-year-old ginger cat, Casper. He was only a few months old at the time.

Casper flew with her to Los Angeles about 7 years ago, and has been her co-pilot on many adventures. This year, Casper was diagnosed with diabetes, but he and Amanda have have settled into a very healthy routine together. Amanda says, “He is doing great! I’m hoping for another 15 years together.”

About two years ago at Thanksgiving time, Amanda decided to adopt a second cat from the Best Friends Animal Society in Mission Hills. Quigley is just the sweetest kitty, who has overcome a lot of shyness living with Amanda and Casper. He spends every waking moment cleaning the other cats, chasing his ball, or curling up in Amanda’s lap.

Last September, Amanda’s third kitty came along. Amanda found Wookiee on the street being. He was a 5-month-old fluff ball, and she couldn’t resist adding him to the family.

Amanda looks forward to sharing her love and affection for cats with the feline members of your family!

Lisa Feldman with Ringo

Cat Care Specialist

Lisa was born and raised in Los Angeles. A UCLA grad and a school teacher for 25 years, Lisa also has twin daughters and one granddaughter. All of them follow in Lisa’s footsteps and feel “true love for any and all felines!”

Lisa explains, “I met my first cat, Huey, on Halloween (it’s really true!) in 1982. He followed me home and that was it! My parents never wanted pets except an occasional fish, so needless to say, Huey’s entrance into my life was one of my greatest gifts! He lived to almost 20 and will always have a special place in my heart as my very first!”

Since that day, Lisa and her husband have never been without at least 2, and usually 3, cats in their home. Currently, Lisa has a MaineCoon (“Ringo, the love of my life I secretly tell him”), Petey, an orange tabby who definitely runs the show, and Ruby, a little black and white tuxedo girl who is as sweet as can be!

According to Lisa, “I know it’s cliche but I honestly do believe I was a cat in a previous life because there’s just something – a special connection I cannot describe. I truly admire, respect, and dearly love these amazing creatures. They are smart, funny, and offer companionship like no other animal in my book! I’m also a great yoga enthusiast and I believe the zen quality of the feline world is very much connected!”

Lisa says, “I look forward to meeting and caring for kitties in the Los Angeles area. It will be my pleasure! Extra TLC guaranteed! More cats=a better world!” ??

Reyna Gutierrez with Lilah

Senior Cat Care Specialist

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Reyna and her siblings were not allowed to have pets growing up. Nonetheless, she was always trying to pet and/or fed any stray cats she could find.

In 2014, Lilah, Reyna’s tabby, came into her life. Lilah was a month old kitten that had been rescued from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. A friend had found Lilah being beaten and went to her rescue. After some medication and paperwork, Lilah made her way to LA. The friend was not able to keep her, so Reyna gave Lilah a home.

Lilah had rough start and didn’t trust people, but Reyna was patient. Lilah learned to trust again after months of being treated for her eye infections, fleas, and being bottle fed.

Fast forward to 2018, Reyna and her tiny family (husband, 3 year old daughter, and of course Lilah) love showing everyone how amazing and rewarding it can be a cat Family, which also includes her sisters’ siamese rescue cat, Honey.

Reyna looks forward to meeting you and your kitties, and giving them the love and care they deserve.

Kat Sanchez with Gabbana

Lead Cat Care Specialist

Kat is a native of Los Angeles, with a life long passion for animals. She is passionate about the future of animals on the planet and caring for them. She loves animals so much that she is now vegan.

She has fostered animals from Petco and Petsmart. Kat’s been caring for animals since she was very young, and says she feels most comfortable when she is around them. She has lived with kitties, hamsters, chinchillas, and Guinea pigs. She loves spending time with her fur babies, as well as hiking and spending time with family. She has her associates degree in Health Sciences, and is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene.

Kat says, “I will treat your babies as if they are my own. I’m very excited to be a part of Just For Cats and look forward to loving and caring for your pets. I will treat your babies as if they are my own.”

Tito Woodis with Olive

Cat Care Specialist

Tito was born and raised in New Mexico, and moved to Maryland in his early adolescence. He has always loved animals, especially cats. His friends often say he is like a cat: playful, loving, and appreciates personal space.

Tito had 2 family cats that he loved and took care of growing up. It helped shape him into a responsible, compassionate, and reliable person.

Tito attended Berklee College of Music, and is a singer/songwriter and guitarist. Upon moving to Los Angeles to pursue music, he found himself missing having cats. Within his first year here, he knew he needed a feline friend to keep him company. He adopted Olive, a spicy Maine Coon, they live in the heart of Hollywood. Together they enjoy napping, listening to music and cat cuddles

He has experience taking care of cats for over 20 years and loves meeting new cats and learning their personalities.

Sarah Ayer with Minnie

Cat Care Specialist

Sarah was a client of Just For Cats Pet Sitting, and loved us so much that she joined the team! She was born and raised in Portland, OR and relocated to Los Angeles in 2017 with her husband. Sarah loves living here and the weather is a huge part of it!

Sarah has been an animal lover her whole life and has always had a special place in her heart for cats. Sarah was raised with dogs – beagles! But would spend her time loving on her neighbor’s cat and always considered herself “a cat person without a cat.”

That changed when Sarah found her first cat 5 years ago underneath a bush and they bonded instantly that day. Sarah knew she had to rescue this tabby! Sarah Says, “Minnie has been in our lives ever since, and it has been the biggest blessing to our lives!” Minnie loves being taken outside on a leash, and is quite the social butterfly. Sarah feels very lucky to have rescued her best little pal and has spent a lot of time learning about cats since finding Minnie.

In another life, Sarah was a MAC makeup artist and then an Executive Assistant for a large commercial bakery. Sarah currently has an online boutique and works from home, so she is lucky to spend all her time with her cat – and now your cats! Sarah looks forward to making some new feline friends and can’t wait to care for your beloved cat pal!

Heather Pasternak with Lala

Cat Care Specialist

Heather Pasternak is a Los Angeles native, comedian, and cat whisperer! She’s a NYU Tisch school graduate and had her network debut on CBS’s The Late Show with Steven Colbert. Her appearances include Netflix’s Cooking on High, FOX’s The Mindy Project, and New Girl. She opens for Jeff Garlin in Los Angeles, New York, London and Chicago. She performs all over Los Angeles at The Improv, The Comedy Store, The Westside Comedy Theatre, Flappers, Upright Citizens Brigade and several times a week alone in the shower.

Heather grew up in Southern California with five cats and a dog. She has had a love of cats all her life and has never met a cat she didn’t love. Heather has helped capture and foster feral cats all over Los Angeles. When she met her fiancé they discovered they had adopted cats from the same litter 9 years prior to meeting!! They now live together with their reunited cat family in Echo Park.

Cats have always been a part of her love and life story, and she can’t wait to meet yours!

Monica Wicklund with Boozer

Cat Care Specialist

Monica is originally from Chicago, but has made Los Angeles her home for the last 6 years. A musician, she came to LA to study music.

She has had cats in her life for as long as she can remember, growing up with two kitties, Sebastian and Lily. Monica says, “I feel like they raised me just as much as my parents did!”

Although Monica doesn’t have a cat of her own right now (YET!), she enjoys spending time with her friend’s cat, Boozer. She says he is always making her laugh!

Monica looks forward to laughing with your kitties, too!

Paula Villanueva with Monsieur

Cat Care Specialist

Paula Villanueva first fell in love at 9 years old with her cousin’s Siamese cat, Tasha. She thought her coat and coloring were the most beautiful aspects of any pet she’d ever met. She was also sweet and calm and very open to petting!

The first kitty of Paula’s very own was Sage. She adopted him from a street giveaway, where a man had found his barn cat had produced an unwanted litter, and he needed to “get rid of” the kittens. She took one look into the cardboard box and saw 5 or 6 kittens, taken from Mama Cat much too early! Their eyes were barely open, so on a whim Paula took one home. in Paula’s words, “There was one wee puffball, the beautiful grey/pale green silvery color of desert sage, and that was it for me!” She was in love.

Sage was very outgoing and did funny things; she would hide under a bed unnoticed and then reach his long paws out to bat at your feet. He Loved groups of people, and music, and nature. After that came Velvet, a black beauty rescue; Bidden, a gorgeous princess grey and black tabby, then Sprouty, a super loving and vocal tortie.

In recent years, she has rescued Tinapay, an orange and white smart and sweet tiny calico in the Philippines, and Tilak, a grey and black tabby with markings that suggested some bobcat genes might be present. Paula found him in the Desert near Palm Springs, in 102 degree Summer heat. They were both re-homed to very loving family members.

Here is a little more about Paula: “I’m a Vocalist who has trained classically learning Italian and German Soprano pieces, as well as Indian Devotional music recently on a current cd of Kirtan for the Temple Bhajan Band In LA. I have taken a very specialized and rare yoga training that is only available right now in Oslo, Norway; studied Pranic Energy Healing in the Central Philippines; Swedish and Shiatsu massage in Northern CA. I have also done Aerial Arts and majored in English/Creative Writing, tending to write poetry. I also work as a student aid for children with Autism. I’ve been told I’m extremely creative and intuitive, as well as warm, friendly and caring.”

Paula looks forward to sharing her positive energy and loving nature with your kitties.

Johnathan Daniels with Kaya

Cat Care Specialist

Johnathan is the first sitter to send in a bio that made the entire office cry! He loves kitties so deeply! Born and raised in LA, has been singing and dancing since he was 11 years old. He moved to New York to attend dance school when he was just 18, and came back to LA 5 years later singing and dancing at The Millennium Dance Complex in Studio City.

But his #1 love is CATS!

His dad wouldn’t allow a cat, but when he was three years old, Johnathan’s mom snuck his first kitten into the house. She taught him how to care for cats, respect their space and be very gentle, and learn to communicate with cats because, as his Mom said, “They are a very special, cosmic, spiritual beings.”

After his Mom passed when he was 6 yrs old, he couldn’t bring in more kitties so he started sneaking food out of the house to feed the strays of the neighborhood. When he got caught by his Dad, he started giving them the meat out of his lunchbox for school! Of course he got caught, and his Dad was livid. But the next day, his dad brought home a big bag of cat food so he could feed the kitties and still eat his lunch!

As soon as Johnathan was an adult living on his own, he adopted his first kitty! Since then, he has never lived without at least one.

Johnathan says, “Cats are spiritual creatures and guardians.” He says he thinks he might love them too much, and he’s constantly defending them to people who just don’t understand the true nature of cats.
Johnathan has only lost one kitty so far, and it was truly painful and made him want to learn more about preventative care and how to read signs of illness or discomfort in cats.

He currently lives with two kitties, his babies, Kaya and Tuti. When he saw Tuti at the rescue, that kitty just locked eyes with him and wouldn’t stop so he knew he had to take her home. Kaya belonged to someone who was getting evicted and they put the kitty outside! So he went and rescued her immediately. She is his “gorgeous princess”. Johnathan ended his bio by apologizing for sending so much. He said when he gets started talking about cats, he just can’t stop.

We understand Johnathan! That’s why you are such a good fit for us! We know our clients kitties will be in love with you, because you revere them as much as we all do!!!

Lori Valenzuela with Batman

Cat Care Specialist

Lori is one of those rare people who is an LA native, born and raised. She has worked as a private chef in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, and even makes her own all-organic cat food and cat snacks!

She worked at Delta Animal Rescue, which is the largest no kill shelter with over 500 cats! As she pursues her private chef work, Lori is excited to come and care for your kitties! She says, “I am a big CAT lover. I adore all cats. The senior kitties make my heart melt!”

The cat in the the photo with Lori is Batman, who she used to care for until he moved to China. However they still FaceTime every now and then!

Anita Brown-Bergmann with Nubbins

Cat Care Specialist

Anita has had a varied career including work as a professional chef, magician’s assistant, actor, stage combat teacher and fire performer.

Do you see what all these positions have in common? Customer service!

Your cat’s’ happiness and well being will be my number one priority. Anita says, “I am committed and will be attentive to the details of your cat’s needs, exercise requirements and happiness while you are away.”

A lifelong animal lover, Anita currently best friends with a beautiful tuxedo cat, with three legs, called Nubbins.

Lisa Erickson with Tootsie

Cat Care Specialist

Lisa is a life long cat lover who enjoys all of the different personalities kitties can have. She loves to connect with kitties and says, even the most shy kitty will come and give her a little rub or meow within minutes of meeting her.

She has 15 years of kitty care experience and adores her own kitty, Toostie. Tootsie was a stray who seems to have adopted Lisa and she couldn’t be happier. She is living the happy, spoiled kitty live, just the way we like it!

Lisa says, “It’s my joy to make cats happy and comfy so their parents can be relaxed and happy while they are away.”

DeArzae Fasnacht

Cat Care Specialist

DeArzae was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. He credits his love of animals (cat’s especially) to his upbringing. His Dad was a director for a special needs camp and their house was in the campground, next to the woods so they would find stray kitties roaming around frequently. The family would leave food in their garage for the strays and eventually, after earning their trust, they’d take them in. They would then teach the strays, who were often unsocialized, to accept love and that they were there to care for them.

DeArzae’s favorite kitty is Baby. He says, “We’ve been attached at the hip ever since she stepped foot in our garage. She is treated like a queen!” Unfortunately, Baby was a family cat and stayed in Iowa with his family but he now has his beloved kitty, Cookie Dough. He is three and deaf which makes their bond special. When he gets home, DeArzae says Cookie Dough is by his side for the rest of the day.

In all, DeArzae says he will “care for every cat as if they were my own.” He loves cats and their various personalities and has gotten very good at reading them to know when they want to play, be loved, or be left alone.

So, Why Are Visits Better than Boarding Your Cat?

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